Barbie Facials

Barbie facials

Welcome to the magical world of Barbie! Our team has created a series of amazing Barbie-themed facials to celebrate the launch of the new Barbie movie.

We’re sure Barbie herself would be thrilled to join in the fun! So, get ready to sparkle, twinkle, and pout like a true Barbie icon. Embrace your inner glam and let us help you shine brighter than ever before!

LIMITED EDITION Barbie-themed facials valid till 30 September 2023.

Sparkle Cheeks Facial $160


Step into our glamorous spa and let us sprinkle some magic on your face and cheeks! Our Sparkle Cheeks Facial will make you shine like a Barbie princess. Our sparkling vitamin potion after a through sound wave pore cleansing will leave your cheeks beaming with joy and radiance. Choose your skin elixir infusion (anti-aging to whitening) to give your skin that extra X factor. Watch heads turn as you flaunt those sparkling cheeks, catching everyone’s attention. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to irresistible sparkle. Get ready to light up the world, one cheek at a time!

Twinkle Eyes Rejuvenation $120


Unlock the enchantment of captivating eyes with our Twinkle Eyes treatment. We’ll pamper your peepers, making them twinkle like never before! Let our magical touch banish tiredness and bring out the glimmer in your eyes. Our secret potion will refresh and revive, leaving you looking positively fabulous. Get ready to dazzle and hypnotize with eyes that shine brighter than Barbie’s dream house!

Candy Lips Treatment $100


Calling all Barbie dolls! Our “Sweet & Kissable Barbie Pout” treatment is here to give you lips as delectable as candy. Prepare to pucker up, because we’re about to unleash lip perfection! With our tantalizingly sweet lip treatment, your lips will be irresistibly luscious. Get ready to leave a trail of sugar-coated kisses wherever you go. Barbie herself will be envious of your luscious pout!