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Lash & Brows

Our lash and brow designers are highly trained professionals who deliver only the most stunning results using the highest quality products curated by our team.

Our delectable range of lash products hail from Korea and USA; we utilise gentle, hypoallergenic products that deliver optimal results without hurting the sensitive peri-orbital skin. Our aim is not only to make you look good now but to also take care of your lashes and brows for the long term.

Enjoy 10% off when you book a Lash service with a facial. T&Cs apply.


Brow Edit

10 minutes $21.80

Shape and define your eyebrows to frame your features and bring balance to your face.

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Korean Classic Lash

1hour 15minutes start from $106.82

1D Natural- $106.82 (1hr 15 mins)

This classic lash extension adheres one individual faux lash to each natural lash, creating a mascara-like effect. This is great for those who already have a good amount of natural lashes and simply want a boost in lash thickness and length. The results are understated and natural.

2D Volume- $117.72 (1hr 15 mins)

The 2D Volume Lash Extension technique attaches two faux lashes onto each natural lash, doubling your lash count and creating a soft yet fuller look. If you are looking for an everyday look with an added oomph, this is your go-to option.

Korean Beauty Lash

1hour 30minutes start from $139.52

3D Beauty Natural – $139.52 (1hr 30 mins)

3D Beauty Natural Lash Extensions attaches three extensions to one natural lash. The result is a subtle eyeliner effect with increased lash volume, but nothing overly dramatic. This is a look that transitions well between day or night.

4D Beauty Volume – $161.32 (1hr 30 mins)

4D Beauty Volume Lash Extensions attaches four extensions to each lash, giving you the appearance of a bigger eye by creating eyelid depth and a subtle eyeliner effect.

Korean Glam Lash

1hour 45minutes start from $172.22

5D Mega Natural – $172.22 (1hr 45 mins)

If fluttery, voluminous lashes are what you are after, the 5D Mega Natural Lash Extensions is perfect for you. This technique adds volume lashes also known as cluster lashes to each natural lash, creating the appearance of a well-defined eyeliner and lashes that are fuller and more dramatic.

6D Mega Volume – $194.04 (1hr 45 mins)

Here, volume lashes are meticulously and purposefully placed on your natural lash to create a more dramatic look. The result is a well-defined eye liner look with lashes that appear uber fluffy and voluminous.

Hybrid Mega Volume Lash

1hour 45minutes $215.82

(Using both Classic & Volume lashes)

Combining both classic and volume lashes into the mix, you can be sure this is a result that is as dramatic as it is beautiful, while still retaining lashes that are soft and lightweight.

Classic Lower Lash

15minutes $54.50

Complement your lash extensions with our Classic Lower Lash extensions, which are meticulously placed on the lower lashes to help enhance the appearance and balance of your eye.

Extensions removal

30minutes $32.70

It is crucial to remove the glue build-up as you undergo several lash extension procedures, This not only ensure healthy lash growth but also ensures your lash extensions results looks natural and healthy. As our lashes grow, the lash extensions get pushed out and may look misaligned and clumpy. Removing your extensions from time to time allows a fresh set to be placed and for your lashes to look healthy and clean.
Note: If lash extensions were done by Skin Pple, the cost of removal is $15.

Lash Fortifying treatment

10minutes $21.80

We coat your lashes with a solution of pentapeptides and biotin that helps to strengthen your natural lashes. Ask for this quick add-on whenever you are having a lash removal service.


Start from 45minutes, start from $53.41

We want to help you make your lashes last as long as possible. That’s why we offer a touch-up service at 50% discount off the full treatment price if you return before 14 days of the first session. Not valid after 14 days of the original session.

50% off full treatment price

Lash Tint

30minutes $49.05

Complement your Lash Lift session with Lash Tint, a semi-permanent dye job to darken and intensify the colour of your existing lashes, for a dramatic difference.

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Lash Lift

75minutes $141.70

Lash Lift at skin pple is a professional treatment that uses Keratin to lift, curl, and boost your natural lashes instantly without any lash extensions required.

Keratin adds protein to the lash hair, strengthening them to prevent future breakage.

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