FLAWLESS Complexion Clearing Serum

Complexion Clearing Serum


A professional-strength transformational gel-cream for clearer skin with triple action effects, acting simultaneously to prevent new comedones, clear existing breakouts and regulate sebum production. When applied over entire face daily for 4 weeks, this pore plunging, clog clearing, skin refining gel will help transform skin into a scene of extreme clean. Supreme cellular renewal leads to a smoother complexion, while sebum-control nanospheres facilitate oil elimination and deep pore purging. Perfect for oily, combination and big pore skin types.

Active ingredients

Adapalene, Azelaic Acid, Niacinamide

Directions for use

Apply over entire face once a day or as instructed by your physician. Follow with a serum or moisturiser from the SW1 range for optimal results.