Pillow Talk

Lavender Gentle Facial Cleanser

Gentle Facial Cleanser


Open your heart. Bare your soul. Let sleep takes over your senses. Let go. Relax into the soft caresses of your dreams. Pillow Talk is infused with soothing lavender extracts to give skin that gentle cleansing touch. It refreshes without stripping skin of its natural lipids, leaving your complexion baby soft and soothed into the night.

Directions for use

Dispense foam onto palms of hands. Cleanse skin using gentle circular motions, taking care to avoid eyes. Rinse with water. Relax and be thankful.


  1. Cheyenne

    Smells very nice, I bought this when I went for my facial and they were using this to cleanse my face. I always prefer foaming cleanser cause they are less harsh on my skin. The price is very reasonable also. So far using it with no issues 🙂

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