PURE GOLD Youth Reset Serum

Youth Reset Serum


A pure anti-aging hyaluronic serum powered with gold extracts and boosted with pure vitamin E to soothe, nourish and regenerate aging skins. Formulated to help city skins protect against environmental aggressors like pollution, infrared radiation, and UVA rays. Often times, environmental factors such as weather, travel, change of seasons, stress, and pollution can cause fragility on skin’s surface. This fresh youth-revival serum instantly soothes skin sensitivities such as tightness, overall discomfort, and itchiness and redness due to dryness, while providing antioxidant protection against future environmentally-triggered skin discomforts. Over time, this serum helps strengthen skin against free radicals induced by UVA rays, infrared radiation, and pollution, which may lead to visible signs of accelerated skin aging, improving the appearance of skin for a healthier-looking complexion.

Active ingredients

24K gold extracts, Hyaluronic acid, Tara gum, Ulva compressa, Vitamin E

Directions for use

Use after cleansing and toning, apply to the entire face, undereye, neck, and décolleté.