Focuses on the purest active ingredients to activate cellular changes that will guide the skin in a positive direction


Jaw Dropping V-lift

Infra red light lifting, Triple LDM treatment
Fights: Sagging skin, double chin, water retention

60 minutes $180

This cutting-edge treatment harnesses the power of infrared light and triple ultrasound to sculpt your jawline, ensuring a chiseled, attractive V-shaped face. Not only does it redefine your facial contours, but it also promotes lymph drainage and revitalizes sagging tissues. Infused with our exclusive “Superlift Cocktail,” this facial works its magic by reducing water retention and enhancing skin elasticity, leaving you with a radiant, youthful glow.

Clear Genius

Sonic deep cleansing, Blue light therapy
Fights: Acne, blemishes, comedones, oil & shine

60 minutes $259.20

Created to eliminate breakouts and overpower troubled skin. This acne-eliminating, comedone-erasing facial is formulated to treat and prevent breakouts, control oil production, reduce redness and inflammation and boost the skin’s defense against future assaults. We start with an ultrasonic deep cleanse that clears without pain or hurt to your skin followed by a blast of pure oxygen to detoxify and calm. The epitome of this clearing ritual is a triple sound wave therapy to kill bacteria deep in the pores. We finish with a customized cocktail of vitamins to give your skin a clear radiant finish.


Retinol therapy, BBL light therapy, oxygen peel
Fights: Dullness, Lacklustre skin

60 minutes $259.20 per session

The quintessential red carpet facial. Get ready for radiant skin with this glow-boosting fix. This treatment begins with a purifying cleanse, followed by a Broadband light therapy to activate cellular renewal and deep inner glow. A light exfoliation and oxygen peel preps the skin for a dose of deeply hydrating hyaluronic serum. The finishing touch is a vitamin-infused, skin-energizing oxygen blast. You’ll be left lifted, luminous and ready for your close-up.

Bright Idea

Professional-grade enzymes, IPL light treatment, ultrasound sonophoresis
Fights: Pigment, discolouration, blemishes

60 minutes $259.20

This facial is possibly the greatest colour reformer in town. It corrects imperfections and lightens pigmentation, giving your skin the best chance to start with a clean slate. Starts with an enzymatic cleanse before IPL light therapy arrests dark spots from your skin, leaving no trace of redness. Finishes with a complexion enhancing retinol therapy and a cocktail of customised vitamins to protect your skin from further UV assaults.

Disappearing Act

Professional-grade enzymes chemical peels, ultrasound therapy
Fights: Open pores, congestion

60 minutes $259.20

Some things you just want gone from your life — embarrassing childhood memories, hemmorhoids and open pores. A tailored facial to eliminate one out of three, this pore-reducing treatment kicks off with a deep pore cleansing and skin-smoothing papaya enzyme peel. Next, a pore-centric ultrasonic cleansing tackles congested skin and LDM sound waves coaxes open pores to a smooth, fine perfection while reducing acne count. You’ll head out with smoother skin that will be the envy of your friends.

Skin Gym

Signs of aging, fine lines, sagging skin
BBL light therapy, triple LDM treatment, retinol therapy.

60 minutes $259.20

Give your sagging skin a workout to attain improved tone, lift and elasticity. Get ready for younger looking skin with this instantly firming, line-blurring fix. This treatment begins with a skin lifting cleanse, light exfoliation powered by our super-smoothing retinol therapy followed by a full session of our muscle-stimulating, skin toning LDM technology to visibly firm, lift, and plump the skin. A blast of cell-activating IPL light tones and firms before a dose of deeply hydrating hyaluronic serum delivers its finishing touch for a flawless perfection. You’ll be left lifted, luminous and ready for your close-up.


Sonic deep cleansing, Oxygen Peel
Fights: Acne, blemishes, comedones, oil & shine, dull skin

30 minutes $129.60

This is a shot of quickie ultra-deep cleansing. Designed for those who want the quickest hacks to great skin without the frills, this super cleansing routine done in 15 min involves deep pore detox with ultrasound, followed by a oxygenated jet of mild peel and saline to purge, cleanse and clarify. End result? Pores: purged. Skin: Clean. Complexion: flawless.

Sexy Back

Sonic deep cleansing, AHA & BHA peel, Blue light therapy.
Fights: Back acne, comedones, pigmentation.

30 minutes $129.60

Combining the power of AHA and BHA with the magic of LED blue light therapy to provide a comprehensive solution to help you achieve a clearer, healthier and sexier back. Boost your confidence and enjoy the freedom to wear backless dresses, swimsuits, and tops without any concerns about blemishes or acne.